28 February 2008

Deicide songs used to torture prisoners in Iraq?

Deicide posted this link to a torture playlist in a bulletin from their myspace page. I'm not sure how accurate it is, because the article offers no sources. So much for journalism ethics and standards.

The post claims their music is among that used by the American army to torture detainees. Some torture techniques applied to detainees in Iraq include:

  • sleep deprivation

  • prolonged capture shock

  • disorientation

  • interrogation

They could just put the poor detainees in a church. Then again, bible study is known to induce sleep. That defeats the sleep deprivation objective.

Rage Against the Machine's “Bulls on Parade” is allegedly used. Listening to Rage Against the Machine is enough to give me prolonged capture shock. Is it true that Chris Rock sings for them? Their music might convince Iraqis that they have valid reasons to fear an integrated secular society.

Deicide's track “Fuck your God” is listed in a bitter twist of irony. In this case, the sentiments of the Muslim detainees and those of Deicide are the same. While Scars of the Crucifix is not Deicide's best effort, any Deicide is probably enough to disorientate poor Muslims. I would rather play something from Legion or Stench of Redemption:

The “Homage for Satan” video, from Stench of Redemption

Metallica's “Enter Sandman” is also allegedly used. There are better Metallica albums to play for detainees. Like some of their metal albums. Anything up to and including ...and Justice For All would do. Then again, they are torturing people. Maybe they should play Load or show Some Kind of Monster? Pansy music is required during interrogation so you could hear what the detainees are saying.

If the Internet was not censored so much in Iraq, they could even use Internet evangelism, but now some TV evangelism would have to suffice to torture detainees. Or perhaps now that they utilise Deicide to torture detainees, they should get Bob Larson to deliver fire and brimstone sermons?

Bob Larson is my first choice, but perhaps he is busy writing another book. Make that guilt-tripping someone else into writing a book for him. In this case, I'm sure Jimmy Swaggart wouldn't mind to offer the services of his ministry. As long as you paid his going rate.

Some useful church evangelism tools


Deege said...

I think there are better torture music songs to play. If you really want to hurt them, play that damned Whitney Houston song from the Bodyguard!

Titania Starlight said...

Hey this was a damn good post. I agree with televangelists. That is damn torture to anyone with a brain. ARGH!!!!!!!

I truly enjoyed this post. Well done!

Headbanger said...

instead of the Justice album, they should play Metallica's Load and Reload albums in order to provide maximum pain :)

just a joke. I'm not into torturing people. it's sick.

interesting post, thanks!

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