19 February 2008

Iron Maiden Live After Death DVD Review

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No broken home should be without one.

Iron Maiden “Live After Death” DVD

The legendary “Live After Death” concert from 1984. It has the sickest cover in metal history. Looking at it is like someone casting my hand in the metal hand sign.

It was previously released on VHS. Surviving video cassette copies are as scarce as decent Metallica albums after Cliff Burton died. The Irons have never done it small, with the notable exception of a few tasteful Asian groupies perhaps.

If you ever woke up after a really rough night only to discover the foul stench of camel dung and the mesmerising panorama of the sun rising over the sphinx, you might experience a sense of deja-voodoo when you witness the stage décor.

You might also consider cutting down a little on the partying.

There are Eddies here colossal enough to take on all the Transformers. They are nearly robust enough to take on Andrea Dworkin and live to tell the tale.

Andrea Dworkin. Gladiators, are you ready?


  • The epic mullet of Bruce Dickinson.

  • Iron Maiden's god-like spandex immunity.

  • In the Martin Birch produced stereo audio setting, you can get Dave Murray's guitar through the left speaker, and Adrian Smith's guitar through the right speaker. Multiple eargasms!

  • Kevin Shirley did a 5.1 Dobly Surround Sound Satan-O-Phonic mix, but I didn't bother because Kevin Shirley tried to turn Dream Theater into Marillion.

  • On the bonus disk (which has a shitload on it), a Polish gent tells Bruce that he wants to mek havee mettle with a synthesiser. Bruce responds with: “No. You can't play heavy metal with a synthesiser.” Well, you can't.

  • Scream for me Long Beach!

  • Did I mention the cover is awesome?

  • Unholy fuck it's an Iron Maiden DVD!! How much more convincing do you need? Infidel!

”Scream for me Long Beach!”



Anonymous said...

Woah! Andrea Dworkin is one scary mofo!

And yes, as far as covers go, that pretty much sums up black metal.

I'm going to leave now before I experience black metal to my face.

B-Sol said...

Andrea Dworkin was a frightening, frightening woman, God rest her soul.

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