08 January 2010

How to save a Youtube video to your hard drive

I've had several little plugins and fancy ponies and rainbows installed on Firefox to save videos from youtube (or other vendors) on my hard drive. The downside is that youtube sometimes smartens to your misdeeds and installs some patch or the other to prevent flavour of the week plugin to download their videos. How do you return fire?

Saving a video from Youtube

  • Open a new tab in Firefox.

  • Type about:cache in the empty space where you usually see www.2girls1cup.com and other educational websites.

  • Look for the entry called Cache Directory:. It is close to the top.

  • Copy the directory path next to it. In my case, this is /home/diabolical/.mozilla/firefox/6dnkt6z4.default/Cache

  • Open a new window (not a browser window, a window window, like My Computer or those).

  • Paste the path in the space where you usually see /home/username/scatporn/ or My Computer on top. Press enter.

  • When the folder opens, ensure that you are viewing the files by detail. Change the view of the directory if necessary.

  • Arrange the files by size by clicking on the Size column.

  • Your Jewtube video is most likely fairly large by comparison - say 7 MB or so. You can copy this file to your desktop and change the extension to .flv.

Now you can play it in VLC player or in Media Player Classic.


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