02 November 2009

Zombie Strippers DVD Review


At last: the moment we have all been waiting for. An opportunity to see porn star Jenna Jameson with her clothes on. To those in the Middle East, it means an opportunity to finally see Jenna Jameson's face without a veil inserted by some censorship bureau of one kind or another.

zombie strippers jenna jameson robert englund dvd review


A bunch of porn stars decide to break into mainstream films by doing their usual routine of 'don't look at the camera' faces, 'don't break my nails' gun toting and deadpan, wisecrack humour with the notable exception that they are wearing clothes most of the time. Oh, there are zombies that are naturally caused by chemical weapons of the Bush administration. And sometimes they strip.


There are many technical defects in this film that are like named bullets for the cast in the arsenal of any serious film critic. Naturally, Jenna Jameson has quite a few bullets with her name on them. Yet if you can look past the deficiencies and remember that films are supposed to be about entertainment, the self-conscious nature of this film is nearly as effective as the same approach used in Mars Attacks.

The strong electro magnetic pulse used to temporarily disable the zombies looks more like a free download screensaver that calls home to a website that emails you about viagra and making your schlong schlonger. The porn starlets are so familiar with putting on come to bed eyes that they persist with this mannerism, even when zombified. Yet the only true criticism I have for this film is that it does not have enough heavy metal on the soundtrack. This means that, just like a Spice Girls video and real pornography, the music is the worst feature of the fanservice.

Zombie Strippers offers buckets of blood, gratuitous boob shots and zombies in the Romero tradition, namely zombies as a metaphor for the complacency of the public when it comes to political affairs. If you are the type of person who would pick up a film called Zombie Strippers in the first place, there is not much here that will disappoint you. Not even Jenna Jameson quoting Nietzsche while popping bubblegum.


Jay Lee



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