03 October 2009

Mensa New Words Game

Mensa, those erudites of the round table, have invented this word game whereby you invent new words by changing only one letter of existing words. Indeed, the world's brightest people would rather dick around playing word games than aid the rest of us. If the world's best minds think we are hopeless, who am I to argue?

The Mensa New Words Game

  1. Take any word from the dictionary.

  2. Alter it by adding, subtracting or changing one letter.

  3. Supply a new definition.

An example is the Mensa New Words for 2005. Mensa dictionaries must be filled with crayon marks. Despite being considered beyond help by Mensa, I've been playing this game on a forum for a while and these are some of the best entries:

Some of the best entries

addherent, n:
A person who buys a product because they liked the commercial.

brandwidth, n:
  1. A range in which the brands of your accessories are visible.

  2. The capacity for transferring awareness of the brands of your accessories, often kept artificially high.

devine, adj:
  1. Of or pertaining to software development skills seemingly of divine origin.

  2. Addressed, appropriated, or devoted to a god-like developer.

  3. Superhuman developer.

clairvoydance, n:
  1. The supposed power to see money going out of your account that cannot be perceived by the senses.

  2. Acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness about you going bankrupt.

idolt, n:
A fan of Pop Idols.

nonosecond, n:
The space of time between noting that you have clicked the 'exit' button by accident and the application closing and tossing 45 minutes' wikiwork into the ether.

octopis, n:
The eighth visit to the toilet in less than two hours that advises you that you've had enough beer now and should go home

pedimentary, adj:
  1. Having a knowledge of Sepedi that resembles sediment.

  2. A portmanteau of Sepedi and elementary, suggesting an elementary knowledge of Pedi.

  3. See also: http://www.watkykjy.co.za/2009/10/hey-julius.html

perpluxed, adj:
  1. The look of bewilderment, confusion and tear-filled eyes after one plucks an unwanted hair.

  2. Involved in a de-feathering or hair removal of some kind.

prosthetnics, n:
  1. The digital image editing practice of replacing a member of one ethnic group with another.

  2. See also: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8221896.stm

relard, v:
The act of gaining back all the weight you lost as soon as you fall back into your evil ways, post-diet.

retart, n:
Someone who is both slow and loose.

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