21 March 2010

10 Nerd or geek bands: Fanfare for the uncommon man, part 1

This is an ode to ten of the geekiest, nerdiest bands on the planet. If you like more than three of these, chances are your idea of a walk on the wild side includes a batch of energy drinks and retro video games on a Friday night. And you don't think that is sad.

  1. Nerd bands, part 1.

  2. Nerd bands, part 2.


Rush fans have been described as the Trekkies of rock, for a few very good reasons. Their lyrics centre around libertarianism and the novels of Ayn Rand, with a healthy dose of science fiction on the side.

starman logo Rush

Rush's Starman logo.

Rush follows the power trio format, with three rather accomplished virtuosos making a racket. Drummer Neil Peart has also been described as rock's worst lyricist. Coming from music journalists, who are people who can't write writing for people who can't read, I'm not sure if that's an insult or a compliment.


Speaking of Trekkies, Stovokor features Klingons in semi-earthling garb who also sing a few songs in their native Klingon. As is expected, the songs are war cries from their home planet and they play just long enough to consume vast quantities of our best mead before the mother ship takes them away.

Stovokor's music is the most savage of savage, namely thrash metal. Named after the Klingon afterlife, with songs about warriors and the bravery of dying in battle, Stovokor appeals to nerds everywhere.

Za Frûmi

Sticking to the constructed language theme, Za Frûmi from Sweden sings in the Black Speech. Black Speech is the language of the Orcs that Tolkien invented for his boring rip-off of the Nibelungenlied.

Za Frûmi's music is dark ambient. Less nerdy folk would initially associate it with Dead Can Dance.


A word meaning darkness in the Black Speech, so that's like the blackest black times infinity. Burzum is the side-project of one Varg Vikernes, who is famous for burning churches and stabbing record company executives. Not a bad CV.

Varg claims that he started Burzum to reflect the more Völkisch roots of Norse paganism, but I suspect it's just because they wouldn't allow him guitars in prison.

Corvus Corax

Corvus Corax is a band of minstrels who play authentic medieval music on medieval instruments. They often dress in tattoos and animal skins.

Corvux Corax tattoos animal skins bagpipes volkisch medieval music

Their most famous work thus far is Cantus Buranus, which is based on the original Carmina Burana. If you like ravens and bagpipes, this one is for you.

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