14 August 2010

No Media Tribunal

The ANC seems hell-bent on this censorship trip. Even though they've already decided that the media tribunal will be implemented, apparently more debate is needed surrounding the issue. I say CENSOR that. If it's unconstitutional, it's non-debatable.

If you are a lamer on Twitter, please join my campaign

I started a haphazard No Media Tribunal campaign to try and get lots of irate Internet nerds to oppose the proposed Media Tribunal. If you are one of those nerds, first, get some sun. Please. You need Vitamin D.

Joseph Goebbels ANC Media Tribunal Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

This is Dr Joseph Goebbels. No, he does not work for the ANC although you may be forgiven for thinking so. To the Illiterati, this picture is meant to be ironic. As in, a difference between what is meant and what is portrayed. See, just like the ANC, Dr Goebbels was not a fan of free speech. I wonder why?

Secondly, please join my No Media Tribunal twibbon campaign. Now get some sun before sunlight becomes regulated by the Ultra Violet Radiation Tribunal.

Fear and loathing on the campaign trail

From the No Media Tribunal page:

The South African government is trying to establish a Media Tribunal to censor the press. I believe this goes against the spirit of what it means to be South African. It also tramples on the sacrifices made by many during Apartheid so that we may enjoy freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is absolute in my mind, because what you do not know can hurt you much more than what you do know.

Blog what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law

If you have a blog, please consider mentioning your thoughts on the proposed Media Tribunal. Feel free to link back to this post, or to the twibbon campaign. Also feel free to add me some comments at the bottom of this post.

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1 comment:

Karl Stephan said...

I would imagine that the process scrutinizing every bit of media coverage, especially in the information era, would be incredibly labour intensive and (of course) completely unnecessary.

Then again, those imperialist agents have to start towing the line, nuh?

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