26 May 2010

Muslim extremists and moderate Muslims: Know the difference!

Recently, there's been a debate about depictions of Mohammed. This is because Mail & Guardian dared to publish a Zapiro cartoon that depicts the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him, but not upon those who dare get in the way of Muslim extremists). In former cases of depictions of Mohammed, the creators of South Park have received death threats, while some Danish embassies were burnt to the ground.

For these reasons, it is absolutely crucial for us as practitioners of freedom of speech to know the difference between Muslim extremists, and moderate Muslims. Though I don't get the big deal. We in the West don't have freedom of speech anyway. Just try some holocaust denial or to walk around with Nazi regalia, my friend. Even saying that Jesus was a Jew could land you in the principal's office (don't ask).

This is an example of Muslim extremists

Muslim extremists

This is an example of moderate Muslims

moderate Muslims

Know the difference! It could save your life!

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Garg the Unzola said...

Jesus wasnt christian, buddha wasnt buddhist, and mohammed wasnt muslim. Their religion was love, they taught love. Perhaps we should finally learn it.

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