Return of the Living Dead DVD Review


Now this, is a horror movie.

Return of the Living Dead film poster


Standard Zombie film fanfare but pulled off with all the class of the ten commandments of horror. A bunch of people notice a zombie outbreak and try not to die. Obviously, it's ultimately futile. Zombification is almost as lethal as altruism.


I could wax lyrical about this film, but this film already shines so much from all the lyrical waxing that watching it may cause blindness. And furry palms. And God killing a kitten. Instead, I'll present you with an image that captures the essence of this film:

Barack Obama, after brains. Brange. Change. One of those.
Barack Obama as a zombie. I didn't need to edit it much, really.

Not counting of course the death rock and eighties fake American punk on the soundtrack.


Dan O'Bannon



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TRex said…
SO is that like...BRANGE DAMAGE?

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