11 January 2009

Liberty Essay Competition

I managed to hoard a bunch of Entrecard credits which I don't intend to use. You can win all my Entrecard credits by entering this life threatening competition.

Necro Files Liberty Essay Competition
This is the image that will appear on your entry page, along with a link back to this page. See the competition terms for more information.

Win Entrecard credits by entering my Liberty Essay Competition

Obviously, this competition is aimed at fellow citizens of the blogosphere. You can win all my entrecard credits (currently about 1600, after transfer tax) by following these easy steps:
  1. Subscribe to my feed. You may subscribe via RSS or via email, whichever you prefer. You can find the subscribe widget to the right of the page.

  2. Write an essay about liberty. Specifically, this is an essay with the topic 'What does Libertarianism mean to me?'. You could be critical or favourable towards Libertarianism, as long as you follow the rules of an intellectually honest debate. You will be penalised for logical fallacies like ad hominem arguments, straw man arguments or failing to carry the burden of proof. The essay should be at least 250 words long. It could be longer if you wish. You may even do several posts on Libertarianism, arguing your stance. You do need to cite your sources! Wikipedia is more than adequate as a source.

  3. Copy the following code to your essay:

    You may place it at the top or at the bottom, as long as the link back to my post appears somewhere in your essay.

  4. Post your essay on your blog. This is how you qualify for entry.

  5. Leave me a comment on this post. Please remember to enter your URL so I may see your entry for review.

  6. Promote your post. Despite rating your entry on content, I will also consider the amount of diggs and stumbles your post managed to get. Remember to promote your post!

  7. Don't miss the deadline. The deadline is 31 May, the date that South Africa gained independence from British rule. You may enter as many times as you wish, as long as you follow all the rules.

Some helpful links

If you have never heard of Libertarianism before, but would still like to enter, here are some helpful links:

Of course you may use any credible sources for your essay, as long as they are publicly available. Link to them from your blog.

Thank you and good luck! May the best woman win!


Casey said...

interesting idea, now sit back and watch as the bloggers scramble to submit things. Haha you should tell eveyone that their entries came in blank :)

dickster1961 said...

Thank you and good luck! May the best woman win!

oh well, that let's me out

Wizard said...
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Wizard said...

Here is my link:

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