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Who is this Tutu guy and why do I like him?

Motshegoa said" "We can't allow Tutu to undermine decisions that are taken within constitutional structures of the ANC."
As the archbishop said, he is merely voicing his opinion. I for one am very glad that someone within the ranks of the idiotic ANC has his head screwed on right. Archbishop Tutu is putting his head on the line. Why? He has nothing to gain. He is well-respected nationally and abroad for his role in maintaining peace in South Africa. I think the man knows a thing or two about both the ANC and its mindless masses, of which this Motshegoa is a prime example.

Motshegoa added: "Does Tutu think he is higher than the court that cleared Jacob Zuma, or does he think he has a better moral base than others?".The proof of the pudding is in its taste.

By the way, Zuma is cleared of a rape charge under technicalities. However, Zuma is still on trial for his role in the arms deal that has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. Where there is smoke, there is a fire. Tutu doesn't even have a spark when it comes to spending time in court on the wrong side of the bench. That alone gives him moral leverage over Zuma.

Oh, and being archbishop is generally an indication that perhaps you do have a more moral nature than others.

But Mbeki - who could face a contest for the ruling ANC leadership next year against Zuma - said: "We must ask ourselves the question, how is it possible that children, such as the members of Cosas, feel empowered to demand that their grandfathers should 'provide us with their sexual history before they speak as experts on sexual behaviour'!"
I am not sure what to make of Oom Thabo. All I know is, this country has miraculously not gone down the drain like Zimbabwe. The economy is doing MUCH better than anyone expected. He may not be doing everything right, but he is doing something right where it matters. I am glad that he is addressing this vigilantism amongst the black youths of this country who want to toi-toi against their much wiser elders everytime they don't get their way. There is a negotiation table for a reason, and if they could string 2 reasonable sentences together they would have it at their disposal.

Mbeki asked: "How is it possible that these children become so emboldened that they can easily dismiss the views of their grandfather by describing him as "a scandalous man?".
I agree, Oom Thabo. The only scandalous man I see is Zuma, who is even trying to put a muzzle on the press. If he is innocent, why? The eyes of the world are on him, he has the press at his disposal to spread positive messages - such as the ABCT AIDS campaign. The only problem with that is the scandalous man who took a shower after sleeping with a woman who is known to have had AIDS is probably in no moral position to preach to anyone about preventing AIDS.

My instinct tells me these whippersnappers are taking bribes to cause shit. As I mentioned, Tutu has nothing to gain by stirring shit. Zuma, on the other hand, is knee-deep in the shit as it is.

He said: "What happened that inspired the very young to conclude that our national heroes are nothing more 'than loose cannons that have been 'certificated' without formal education on justice, by conspirators who have degrees in political jealousy and conspiracy'!

"What is it that gives the very young the audacity to repudiate what our senior citizens say to all of us as being nothing more than the product of 'howling voices'!"

Tutu had said in the lecture: "Our constitution, which the country's president promises to guard and uphold, guarantees to each of us the right to our point of view.

"I like Jacob Zuma as a warm, very approachable person, but he did nothing to stop his supporters (during the rape case).

"I for one would not be able to hold my head high if a person with such supporters were to become my president, someone who didn't think it was necessary to apologise for engaging in casual sex without taking proper precautions in a country that is being devastated by this horrendous HIV/Aids pandemic. What sort of example would he be setting?"

Honourable Archbishop Tutu, my head has been hanging in shame for this country ever since the ANC took over. I am a godless heathen who despises the church, but for once I can hold my head up high and say I am proud of at least one person in this country who is not afraid to take a stance against the idiots who are ruining it.
Thank you, Archbishop Tutu.


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