27 November 2005


Welcome to the the Necro Files. These should not be confused with a deliberate bunch of individuals who like to lie back and crack open a cold one. Also not to be confused with the Necro Vials - those innocuous looking containers for all inorganic liquids like Castle Lager and Milk Stout, often found littering the vicinity of a gathering of my kin, the Daatsmen.

These files will offer all interested parties a glimpse into my life. I will try not to post the superdodge skanky stuff, since some of my friends already post all of my superdodge escapades on their blogs. Since I will get off soon ( er,, at least I fucking hope so). Let me rephrase. Since the university is closed, I should have more free time. They call it free time since you do not get paid for it. Much of this time will be spent learning useful skills for which I may perhaps be paid for in future. That is the plan, at least. It will probably be spent on drinking and whoring, which leads to timelapses. A timelapse is usually followed by an intense analyses of a previously unseen ceiling. This is followed by a brief analyses of my rear end to determine whether or not I have my clothes on. This is usually followed by a bug-eyed look and an even more brief analyses of the person or persons lying in my proximity. This is followed by another disgruntled analyses of my rear end to determine whether I have been doing anything my mother warned me about with the people my mother warned me about who are now prostrate in complete intoxication.

But I digress. I meant to say that I should have time to do a bit of interesting reading, after which I shall post a few essays on such topics as the Pallindromedary, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, vampires, werewolves and other unsavoury things that go bump in the night. Not EBM fans, because they just go Bump iv in the night.

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